Site Safety

One of Harding’s Pits more recent rôles has been as the recipient of the town’s rubbish.   Large holes so close at hand — a legacy of brickmaking — proved too tempting for the town authorities and through the 1950s their dustcarts were the main visitors.

When the holes would take no more they were capped over with clay, a precaution which even now fails to prevent rubbish rising to the surface.
Everyone who visits the Green is advised to be on the lookout for stray broken glass and rubble.   Much was removed during the renovation operations but the volunteer litter-picking and maintenance teams continue to find broken glass — and sadly some of it dates from much more recent times.

Young children should not be allowed to play unsupervised on Harding’s Pits.   Glass and rubble apart, two deep and fast flowing rivers are very close.
Nor is it wise to climb upon the sculptures.   Splinters may result and although scaling the Whale may be seen as a challenge it is as well to remember that his sides are very smooth and his flukes are twenty feet above a very hard surface.

All unauthorised motor vehicles of any kind are banned from the Green.   This particularly applies to motorcycles and mini-motos.   The police are now empowered to seize and destroy such machines.   They patrol the Green at irregular intervals.

Visitors to the Green who see anything untoward or antisocial taking place are encouraged to report this to HPCA Ltd. and, if they have a mobile telephone with them, direct to the police. The number is 0845-456 4567