Harding’s Pits Doorstep Green at King’s Lynn is one of the largest Doorstep Greens in the country.   Doorstep Greens bring open space for recreation and wildlife conservation to local communities.   Using money generated from the New Opportunities Fund in partnership with local council and commercial resources, many doorstep greens were established in the early part of the 21st century as a Countryside Agency initiative.

Harding’s Pits serves a local population of some 6,000 people but its benefits are shared with many more people living in other parts of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

The Green covers five and a half acres, making it one of the largest of such developments in the country.   It is managed by local residents through the Harding’s Pits Community Association Ltd (HPCA Ltd), a not-for-profit limited company.

With funding from the New Opportunities Fund matched by local resources, the Green was developed over a three year period from 2004.   The site was landscaped, more than 400 trees and bushes were planted, a grass common and wild flower meadow were established.